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Published Research Papers


The Texas Certified Virus-Free Citrus Budwood Program After 20 Years

da Graça, John V., Mark E. Van Ness, and Madhurababu Kunta. "The Texas certified virus-free citrus budwood program after 20 years."

Influence of Plant Biostimulant as Technique to Harden Citrus Nursery Plants Before Transplanting to the Field

Conesa, María R., Pedro J. Espinosa, Diego Pallarés, and Alejandro Pérez-Pastor. "Influence of plant biostimulant as technique to harden citrus nursery plants before transplanting to the field." Sustainability 12, no. 15 (2020): 6190.

Nitrogen, Phosphorous and Potassium Fertilization Interactions on the Photosynthesis of Containerized Citrus Nursery Trees

De Campos Bernardi, A. C., De Camargo Carmello, Q. A., De Carvalho, S. A., Machado, E. C., Medina, C. L., De Assis Gomes, M. D. M., & Lima, D. M. (2015). "Nitrogen, phosphorous and potassium fertilization interactions on the photosynthesis of containerized citrus nursery trees." Journal of Plant Nutrition, 38(12), 1902-1912.

Improving Winter Growth in the Citrus Nursery with LED and HPS Supplemental Lighting

Bowman, K. D., & Albrecht, U. (2021). "Improving winter growth in the citrus nursery with LED and HPS supplemental lighting." HortScience, 56(1), 21-27.

Evaluation of Conifer Wood Biochar as Growing Media Component for Citrus Nursery

Ferlito, F., Torrisi, B., Allegra, M., Stagno, F., Caruso, P., & Fascella, G. (2020). "Evaluation of conifer wood biochar as growing media component for citrus nursery." Applied Sciences, 10(5), 1618.

Physico-Chemical and Multielemental Traits of Anaerobic Digestate from Mediterranean Agro-Industrial Wastes and Assessment as Fertiliser for Citrus Nurseries

Torrisi, B., Allegra, M., Amenta, M., Gentile, F., Rapisarda, P., Fabroni, S., & Ferlito, F. (2021). "Physico-chemical and multielemental traits of anaerobic digestate from Mediterranean agro-industrial wastes and assessment as fertiliser for citrus nurseries." Waste Management, 131, 201-213.

Standardization of Protocol for In Vitro Seed Germination of Citrus Macropteramont

Sangma, S. Y., Pereira, L. S., & Dang, J. C. (2020). "Standardization of protocol for in vitro seed germination of citrus macropteramont." Plant Archives, 20(1), 1175-1178.

Studies on Growth, Rooting and Budding Performance of Citrus Rootstock Seedlings

Singh, S., & Chahal, T. S. (2021). "Studies on growth, rooting and budding performance of citrus rootstock seedlings." Journal of Applied Horticulture, 23(1).

The Effect of Spraying with Nutrient Solution and Organic Fertilizaton on the Vegetative and Chemical Characteristics of Seedling of Domestic Sour Lemon (Citrus Limon L.)

Kazem, M. M., Mahmoud, S., Wahid, A., & Dhabib, I. J. (2020). "The effect of spraying with nutrient solution and organic fertilization on the vegetative and chemical characteristics of seedlings of domestic sour lemon (Citrus Limon L.)." Int. J. Agricult. Stat. Sci, 16, 1787-1792.

Florida Citrus Nurery Trends and Strategies to Enhance Production of Field-Transplant Ready Citrus Plants

Vashisth, T., Chun, C., & Ozores Hampton, M. (2020). "Florida citrus nursery trends and strategies to enhance production of field-transplant ready citrus plants." Horticulturae, 6(1), 8.

Regenerating Agricultural Landscapes with Perennial Groundcover for Intensive Crop Production

Moore, K. J., Anex, R. P., Elobeid, A. E., Fei, S., Flora, C. B., Goggi, A. S., ... & Weyers, S. L. (2019). "Regenerating agricultural landscapes with perennial groundcover for intensive crop production." Agronomy, 9(8), 458.

Rapid Uptake and Retention of Neonicotinoids in Nursery Citrus Trees as a
Safeguard Against Asian Citrus Psyllid (Diaphorina citri) Infestation 

Byrne, F. J., Daugherty, M. P., & Grafton-Cardwell, E. E. (2020). "Rapid uptake and retention of neonicotinoids in nursery citrus trees as a safeguard against Asian citrus psyllid (Diaphorina citri) infestation." Crop Protection, 138, 105345.

The Status of Citrus Huanglongbing in China

Zhou, C. (2020). "The status of citrus Huanglongbing in China." Tropical plant pathology, 45(3), 279-284.

Panorama of Citrus Canker in the United States

Gochez, A. M., Behlau, F., Singh, R., Ong, K., Whilby, L., & Jones, J. B. (2020). "Panorama of citrus canker in the United States." Tropical Plant Pathology.

Seed and Seedling Nursery Characteristics for 10 USDA Citrus Rootstocks

Bisi, R. B., Albrecht, U., & Bowman, K. D. (2020). "Seed and seedling nursery characteristics for 10 USDA citrus rootstocks." HortScience, 55(4), 528-532.

Distribution of Candidatus Liberibacter asiaticus in Citrus and the Asian Citrus Psyllid in Texas Over a Decade

Sétamou, M., Alabi, O. J., Kunta, M., Dale, J., & da Graça, J. V. (2020). "Distribution of Candidatus Liberibacter asiaticus in citrus and the Asian citrus psyllid in Texas over a decade." Plant disease, 104(4), 1118-1126.

Citrus Variegated Chlorosis: an Overview of 30 Years of Research
and Disease Management

Coletta-Filho, H. D., Castillo, A. I., Laranjeira, F. F., de Andrade, E. C., Silva, N. T., de Souza, A. A., ... & Lopes, J. R. (2020). "Citrus variegated chlorosis: an overview of 30 years of research and disease management." Tropical Plant Pathology, 45, 175-191.

Citrus Gummosis: A Formidable Challenge to Citrus Industry: A Review

Rajput, N. A., Atiq, M., Tariq, H., Saddique, W. M., & Hameed, A. (2020). "Citrus gummosis: A formidable challenge to citrus industry: A review." International Journal of Biosciences, 16(5), 131-134.

An overview of citrus canker in Brazil

Behlau, F. (2021). "An overview of citrus canker in Brazil." Tropical Plant Pathology, 46(1), 1-12.

Photoselective Coverings Influence Plant Growth, Root Development, and Buddability of Citrus Plants in Protected Nursery

Brar, H. S., Thakur, A., Singh, H., & Kaur, N. (2020). "Photoselective coverings influence plant growth, root development, and buddability of citrus plants in protected nursery." Acta physiologiae plantarum, 42, 1-15.

Citrus rootstocks

Bowman, K. D., & Joubert, J. (2020). "Citrus rootstocks." In The genus citrus (pp. 105-127). Woodhead Publishing.

Evaluating the Effects Of Foliar and Systemic Aerated Aqueous Vermicompost Solutions on Plant Growth and Pest Densities of Citrus Nursery Trees 

Lasiter, M. L. (2020). "Evaluating the Effects of Foliar and Systematic Aerated Aqueous Vermicompost Solutions on Plant Growth and Pest Densities of Citrus Nursery Trees".

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