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  • Any person or organization interested in the purpose of this Society may become a member on payment of annual dues.

  • There are 3 (three) classes of membership:

a)    Regular Member – limited to one from each citrus nursery licensed by the State of California.  Department of Food and Agriculture.

b)    Associate Member – open to any person or organization interested in the purpose of this Society and who is not eligible for Regular Member.  

c)    Student Member – limited to students in an accredited school who are interested in the principles of this society

  • Membership Dues: For the 2023-2024, fee is set at $125 for all classes of membership. 

  • Dues are payable on joining the Society and thereafter shall become due when billed each year.   Dues shall be set by the Board of Directors.

  • Only Regular Members or their representative in good standing, whose dues are currently paid, shall be entitled to vote at meetings of the Society, (1 vote for each Regular Member).

  • Only Regular or Associate Members shall be eligible to office and Board of Directors.

  • The 2023/2024 membership allows to purchase the 2024 Registration Tickets at a discounted rate & access the Member Resource content in the CCNS website for 1 year.

  • CCNS Membership provides access to our virtual conference meetings via Zoom on January 24th, 2023.


Please note, the 2023/2024 Conference event is mainly in person, however, the January 24th CCNS Meeting Event has an HYBRID format. Attendees can come to an actual venue for the event but can also opt to participate online if they are unable to be there in person. 

Please see what each sponsorship level offer below. Once you have picked your sponsorship level, purchase the sponsorship below.

NOTE: If you want to purchase additional registration tickets (i.e., More than one person per company join the display) for the CCNS events held on January 24, 25 and 26, 2023 and/or participate in the Pre-conference CCNS events on January 23, 2023, please purchase the additional tickets on the CCNS Event Page.


  • For the CCNS events held on January 23 (Pre-Conference) and 24 (Meeting Day), one person can buy tickets on behalf of multiple guests. However, we ask each buyer to complete a form for every ticket purchased. This allows us to gather essential information about each attendee, ensuring the event is organized and tailored effectively. 

  • Please be aware that each CCNS Member is eligible to purchase ONE $250 value discounted ticket for the CCNS conference day on January 24th.

  • Accompanying persons are welcome to partecipate in the CCNS Pre-Conference fun activities (Winery Tour and Golf Course activities) held on January 23, the CCNS Welcome Dinner on January 23, and the IPPS-UCNFA Banquet held on January 25, and any other event. Please go to the CCNS event page and register and purchase the NON-Member tickets.  

Citrus Fruits


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